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April 26th 2019, 05:38 AM
Peasant Male Philippines
We'll find you soon, live fresh meat... 
No, I was pertaining to the real internet conspiracy about "fabulous frogs", and I theorized that it had an extra chromosome in the sex chromosomes pair, which facilitated the mutation.

Well, going back to mind control...

I listened to the silent subliminal audio, all I can hear is repetitive wave-like sounds with a high frequency tinnitus, (high pitch ringing bell sound) that randomly and subtly amplifies and dissipates and changes frequencies in a certain manner that controls the flows of our brain waves. I believe that the message is in that tinnitus sounds.

For people with superhuman hearing, the supper high-frequency tinnitus can be heard.
Although people who cannot hear frequency ranges in the tinnitus level cannot hear the super high pitch noise, but their brainwaves flows are still controlled.

In order for the binaural audio messaging to become effective, a difference in frequencies must exist in the left and right outputs of audio.
For example, the left ear hears 205 Hz, then the right ear hears 200 Hz, the difference of 5 hertz, will be the new frequency that the brain perceive.

To put this into perspective, you will hear a slight difference in the pitch of the one heard on the left compared to the right.


WTF! I just said "fabulous", not "fabulous" in "fabulous frogs" on my first paragraph. What keeps on changing that?