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November 5th 2018, 01:46 PM
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
If max number of global variables is ~ 200, if 4 people participate, each can get 50 globals. So, (available globals) / (number of participants).

Each global variable and each script name, must begin with our nicks, so if both of us make a script called bookshelf.c, your's would be slipDink_bookshelf.c, and mine toof_bookshelf.c. Again, same or similar for global vars, since someone will have to stitch it all together at the end. It would be a nice idea that every participant makes a list of his vars, and the initial values, so that the grand-master Stitcher Overseer can just copy them into main.c (scripts into story as well, but those would just be zipped).

Also, entry and exit points should be predefined for each section. If someone wants to change that, he can consult with the other dmodder if their sections have intersections (God, my english vocabulary sucks!!). I'd say, we start small, with four screens (box shaped), or 6 screens (rectangle), so if someone quits, we can easly rearrange them together (copy pasting screens with scripts).

As for importing graphics, I've no idea, I have never done that.