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October 17th 2018, 06:08 PM
Peasant Male
I disagree. 
Insert additional begging here

Oh, we beg you SabreTrout,
finish it, than bring it out.

Don't you see it in community?
The desire for it, gave us unity.

We know you're thinking of it, like a common chore,
until one day, Skurn starts knockin' on your door.

You'll call the police,
reporting harassment,
squeaking like a duck,
phoning from the basement,
he searches through the house,
riding on a pony,
while your mind slowly,
starts grasping the irony,
that you could've been the greatest dmoder of all time,
with average score of all reviews, raising above nine,
yet you're existence is about to be cruelly diminished,
the legacy of promises, but nothing truly finished,
then you'll see him through the dark,
the silhouette of threat,
he will whisper in your ear:
'Is it done yet?'