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June 28th 2018, 11:42 AM
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That's still not a conflict error though.

If DmodDevA works on a version and DmodDevB works on a version at the same time then you get conflict errors because now you have differences in the files. In this case only DmodDevA or DmodDevB's work can be kept(or you could spend a while resolving script issues).
If DmodDevA works on it and then DmodDevB works on it you won't get conflict errors because there is only that one version. DmodDevB will be able to start working on it (ideally) without issue. Any errors that pop up like for instance the use of functions like sp(), are not due to conflict errors, but because DmodDevA or DmodDevB did not write their scripts to avoid situations like this, or have/provide the information to prevent this. This is however still not a conflict error.