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September 24th 2017, 11:07 PM
Peasant Male Japan
While we're talking about DMOD properties - any chance we could mark dmods that have blatant copyright infringement? I think the iOS version won't be able to have those listed on the "Browse" area or the app would (eventually, if not right away) be rejected. How blatant is blatant? Well, if it's primary ripped Warcraft sprites that would get a "10/10 for copyright issues".

It's kind of a grey area because those things are not actually in the app, but if we ARE listing them for easy download we are recommending them or something in some sense. The user could still copy and paste the URL directly to get those specific dmods though.

Also, the app (at least not yet..) won't be able to use https, only http, so hopefully the API can run under both.