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July 17th 2017, 01:54 PM
It was a really funny and easy game.I said it was funny because i played Chzo mythos five years ago.Still after five years i scare to play chzo mythos again.It was really terrifying.when i was playing that game my bones were shaking specially in trilby's note.(I have to confess that i screamed a lot)

When i played this i saw similarities between your game and yahtzee's one from the first moment.i must say for anyone who didn't play chzo mythos(and doesn't know the name of the king and prince)it was a hard and scary game but for me it was just nostalgia.(specially for hauntsichord midi that I'm now actually listening.)

It was a good game I suggest you to be more creative and and make a real scary game like yahtzee.

And one more was suppose to be a trilogy so where is the third part?I really want to play the third part.