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October 2nd 2016, 01:33 PM
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i know leprochaun compiled a list of bugs in dank hd. but that might not help.

I started compiling a list of dmods that didn't work in dinkhd.
The list was moved onto the dink solutions page under a dmod compatibility page.

While developing Malachi, Cocomonkey discovered a few bugs:

Goto statements have to have a semicolon at the end of the line, or Dink HD ignores them. Most people seem to put semicolons at the end of every line anyway, but this was the main thing keeping my DMODs from working.
You won't be able to see a choice statement in Dink HD if the screen is faded down. In FreeDink, you can see it fine. In 1.08, you can see it well enough to read it, although the arrows aren't visible.
draw_background doesn't erase blood and corpses like it does in FreeDink and 1.08.
Dink HD uses different keycodes for some keys. This spreadsheet lists all of the keycodes.

So I would check to make sure that's all in order.