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December 21st 2014, 04:58 PM
Bard Male Finland bloop
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I, on the other hand, find Dinkedit faster for almost everything. It's mostly thanks to being able to use the keyboard to paint tiles, and select sprites and sprite properties. Using the mouse is like having to thread a needle every time you want to sew. Even worse when you're drunk. WDE's good points are the multiple screen view, and generally being less claustrophobic (you can view several tilescreens and all the sprites at once). And, of course, being clicky-clicky user-friendly, because most people can't HANDLE the Dinkedit! Faster, though? Pshaw!

PS. I had a quote-by-quote rebuttal here to everything Skull said, but I felt kind of bad about trying to turn Tim's thread into a Dinkedit VS Windinkedit debate/debacle. =) Carry on...