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December 20th 2014, 07:40 AM
Peasant Male United States xbox steam
The world could always use more heroes 
What the...? Ewwww. Nasty. You nasty, screenshots. I don't want to know what was coming near fences and howling loudly as a result of the Tal porn. I don't want to play this game anymore.

Hahaha Thank you Tim, this made my night. Out of context screenshots are amazing

Yeah, Dink and the Bonca was an idea I originally came up with in 2005, when I was 12 years old, when the good game making/good storytelling part of my brain hadn't developed yet. I didn't make the D-mod until four years later, but I copied the idea pretty much screen for screen from the original idea, and I didn't change or add very much on top of it. Even at 16, I knew that there wasn't going to be much special about the D-mod. Basically, it was an excuse to learn some scripting so that I could try to get better at it and eventually make something great. I also tried incredibly hard to make sure it didn't suck, that it wasn't a buggy, broken mess because I wanted to release something I was proud of, and that's what I released. And like a good developer, I patched it up a bit afterward to fix balance and whatnot, but based on your comments it sounds like I fired my nerf gun at the bosses a few too many times. If I update the game again, I need to un-nerf them a bit I guess.

It sounds like you didn't find the new side-quest I added last year which was a prototype for the questing system I'm working on for Shadows of Death. Or did you find it and choose to ignore it because it wasn't part of the original release or something? I mean, the quest sucks and isn't important in any way, but I was surprised you didn't mention it is all.

I never thought of including a small ReadMe file with the game giving thanks to whomever I stole scripts and/or graphics from, because it just never crossed my mind. Bruce Harrison, don't hate me! You'll get your due credit when I release my next D-mod, I promise!

Also Edit: When I made DatB, I didn't even try on naming things. The Land of Ice and Snow was a reference to a lyric in the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin. Luke was named after, go figure, Luke Skywalker, because I'm so damn creative. I'm putting a hell of a lot more effort into Shadows of Death, having unique, original town names, though character names are less creative but still better than Luke.

Edit: Redink, of course I remember that! That specific line was in reference to that epic website.