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November 10th 2014, 05:29 AM
Bard Male United States
Please Cindy, say the whole name each time. 
222: Dink's World (Unfinished) Author: Legolas Release Date: June 30, 2005
"Welcome, this version of dink is a open game"

In this world... Dink's world!
Where one is all
In this world... Dink's world!
Never fear the fall

Um, sorry. For the record, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) is a terrible game.

"Dink's World" was intended to be a more open sort of game with an emphasis on fighting monsters to gain levels and gold. A shop sells a long list of different swords with rapidly escalating prices to keep things going. It was to have plenty of tasks or quests to complete, but no overall objective. Because this DMOD is unfinished, however, there's only one quest available, so it doesn't end up being all that different from your average DMOD. There is a neat system that lets you store and retrieve inventory items, but there aren't enough items here for it to be useful.

"Dink's World" uses this bizarre alternate savebot graphic made by Simon Klaebe.

At first, you're boxed off from most of the map by a pushable rock that requires a strength of 11. I didn't enjoy having to grind up to level 4 before I could really do much of anything, but it wasn't too big of a deal. Once you pass this obstacle, you'll reach a town. It has a bar full of jerks, but they don't say much aside from implying that Dink is fabulous. There isn't much dialogue in the DMOD at all, actually. If you proceed just a little bit to the east, you'll already be in an unfinished section without enemies, but with invisible walls.

There's another town, but most of the buildings are completely empty. There is something to do here, however. In the castle, you'll find Redink1 and Tal. Tal wants you to "ban" or defeat the "evil idiot posts" made by noobs, in a bit that feels extremely similar to "Dink Goes Boating." The noob posts are represented by some new text-based graphics. They're kind of amusing ("why did you ban me?"), but way too strong, and it's hard to tell where their hitbox is. It turns out that the posts are being created by the "LEADER OF THE EVUL SPAMMERS," a boss that feels very similar to Kory from "Dink Goes Boating." Actually, his script is named "en-glennglenn.c!"

"I'm the dead post" is the death graphic for the noob posts.

Glenn is unreasonably difficult. I gave it a shot, using my cash to buy an extremely large supply of elixirs (you can carry as many as you want because they're stored in just one inventory slot), but it didn't help much. He generates noob posts so quickly that they soon did damage faster than I could heal it. After several failed attempts, I cheated to beat him. For defeating Glenn, you get a few potions and a bunch of gold. If you go back to Tal, he has a little more to say, but that's it. There's no ending, but then, I doubt there would have been one even if this DMOD had been finished.

This is the first DMOD to attempt to replace Dink's default "talking to nothing" messages. It only does so if using redink.exe, however. It uses precursors to dnotalk.c and dnomagic.c (they have slightly different filenames). It would work in 1.08 if you changed the names of the scripts. Then you'd get to see such gems as "Hello shoe..." and "The only thing I could talk to here is my penis!" Charming.


I don't usually post one very short writeup by itself (at least, not lately), but I've had this one done for a few days and have had trouble getting myself to sit down and do the next one. How much trouble? I haven't even played the next DMOD yet (that is the easy part).