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November 1st 2014, 09:09 PM
Peasant Male Finland bloop
"I'd like to be a tree..." 
"Quest for the Gems" is the first DMOD by everybody's favorite misspelled fingerbone.

Not to be a nerd, but pretty sure metatarsal is a foot bone, not a finger bone.

Ah, these are three D-Mods I always found quite enjoyable. They're not masterpieces or anything, but they're just fun little adventures with not too many bugs. Did you encounter the bug in QftG where Dink, for some reason, keeps turning around when he's supposed to stand still?

I haven't played Terrania in probably 8-9 years, but I wanna say that part where you couldn't get past the rocks requires a bomb. Could be completely wrong about that, though. Also, here's a really interesting D-Mod mystery: The first time I played Terrania when it came out, it looked COMPLETELY different. I remember the purple houses were white, and much easier to enter. There were less bugs, and a lot of stuff had been changed around. However, a year or so later when I downloaded it again, it looked like it does in your screenshots. I figured there must've been an update at some point, but what's really weird is that the (what I assume is) newer version is much buggier, and the older version seems to have completely vanished. If anyone can figure that piece of Dink history out, it'd be very interesting.