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September 30th 2014, 11:04 PM
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Maybe that's the cut-off point; after two games, you can count on the developer or publisher to keep churning out more and more sequels.

I think companies will try to milk franchises a bit more after three games, but they might not pump out actual sequels. For instance, Jak & Daxter had a racing game for their fourth game. Like, the companies don't really want to do anything more with the plot of the series, but they want to get some extra money for their next project or something. The Witcher series covers a book for its plot so now that the trilogy of games is basically finished they have nothing more they can add, but they've built two more games for the series. One being for mobile devices and another as a board game for computers. They probably just want some extra cash to help fund cyberpunk 2077.

Now maybe I'm wrong and companies are milking things just for the money. But I think those only after money would build the games into a franchise and continue to expand the series endlessly.