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May 29th 2014, 07:25 PM
If you want to know a great place to dick around, there's a particularly good blog I found which has helped me a lot with similar problems.

Here's a good article on said blog:

As far as dicking around being a constructive part of the creative process, I have to say that I don't believe that to do be the case. It's more like an avoidance strategy, since you can constructively think about things to do with a project even when you aren't just wasting time on the internet (for example, while doing household chores or taking a shower are perfect times to figure out these kinds of things). If you can pick a time of day to work on the DMOD stuff and NOTHING else (i.e. disable your internet until you absolutely need it, put away your phone, etc.) or pick a specific amount of work to get done and just do that before you do anything else (except for (short) breaks to eat or stand up, not surf the internet) then I think you'll find things a lot easier to manage and it will probably help stress levels as well. The best part is that when you are done with whatever you plan to do for the day you no longer have anything to avoid, so you can do whatever you want during this time. Go spend time with your wife, visit family, learn an instrument, the possibilities are endless. For me at least it's a lot more comfortable this way than spending hours avoiding the subject at hand (I do have procrastination issues as well, though I've been getting a lot better lately using some of these strategies).

Good luck! And I do enjoy these write-ups as much as ever. That screen full of tiny boncas caught me by surprise. It looks like the author spent time setting all the boncas to a different animation / frame just to have them blow up. And that just blew my mind...