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May 12th 2014, 03:40 AM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
Really nice write-up again. Only just read the last two parts, so forgive me if I still have some comments on the previous part. (Nothing bad, really! I love these writeups!)

Oh, and Tal drops some more prophecy on us. Foreshadowy.

Maybe it's worth mentioning here that miasma is the name that redink1 uses for the 'engine' behind the dinknetwork. I think that's a reference many people will miss...

Dink has to navigate a cave maze filled with tiny pillbugs. You have to stop and slowly, torturously chop them all down as you go. This is made worse by the fact that if you have to double back for some reason, they'll all be back! The maze is also infuriatingly huge and really tried my patience. Seriously, take a look at this. I'd like this one a lot more if you simply cut this segment out.

You're so going to hate my DMODs...

Also I really like the idea of setting part of your DMOD in the original world, not nearly enough DMODs do this. Obviously you'll get conflicting stories, you might imagine Joppa totally different than Back from the Grave for example. But it's still nice to recognize stuff.

Also, I think it's sad for a DMOD to be lost because of some weird missing script problem. Especially if there's evidence that it did work in the past... Kind of makes having this DMOD around unnecessary, even for people with odd collection habbits.

EDIT: Eventually I got Legend of Pärnu to work... Kinda. Might not be as unnecessary as I stated before, but it is just really really really bad. Actually deserves the Dink Forever memorial of badness for being so monumentally broken IMO.

Oddly enough, some dmods actually use the curl-up animation as the walking sequence... The thought process behind doing that and not using the actual walking sequence at all never quite made sense to me.

I did that... Mostly because I didn't realize that it was the death sequence. And quite frankly it looks quite good as a walking sequence...