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Reply to Bugs and Glitches I've found (Spoilers)

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February 7th 2013, 12:54 AM
This topic is mostly for Skull, In case he wants to update the game again.

Some possible glitches I've found:

-Killing green slimes in the secret dungeon causes the game to freeze, potentially requiring a restart of the computer because task manager appears behind the Dink screen.
Solution: A bracket is missing in the die event of the "s0-slimb.c" script

-Malachi the Idol gives me 1000 exp after getting Pluto Strike, and lowers the price of the bow. Then, when I came back with Hydra Fire, it let me do it again. This could potentially lead to 101% game complete.

-The fairy in the bottom left house acknowledges that you brought the tree back before you've actually got the tree. I found this out by leaving the underworld and talking to the fairy before rescuing the tree.

If anyone knows of any glitches besides these, feel free to contribute to the topic. I'm also curious if these (especially the slime freeze) have happened to other people.