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July 30th 2011, 10:44 AM
Bard Male Netherlands
I object 
Update 2:

For those of you curious about how far this DMOD has progressed so far... Here's a little status update.

I haven't worked very hard on this thing for quite some time. Back in August 2010 I posted an estimated 32% completion estimate, right now I estimate it to be around 34% completed. But this estimate is really a much more rough estimate then it appears. This is because I haven't fully determined the ending(s) for this DMOD yet. I don't exactly know how it's going to end nor when it is exactly going to end. I'm contemplating a adding a final world, but I'm just not sure yet...

This 34% is a relatively conservative estimate so if the ending will be placed more early on in the DMOD the progress might actually be above 40%, I wouldn't count on it though. Also keep in mind that this progress estimate is for the first alpha version. The final version will take quite a bit of extra work to refine everything.

This DMOD consist out of 6 major parts, three of which are done or almost done. But there is still a lot of generic things to be done and I'm afraid the last three parts will be larger than the first. There will also probably be one or two more parts dedicated to the final world so there's plenty of work still to be done!

I'm planning to use this thread for new updates a bit like I did for the Scourger 2.0 thread earlier. Though the updates will likely be a bit less clear as I can't refer to an earlier version of the work. Anyway, update 3 shouldn't be taking two years.