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August 9th 2010, 01:01 PM
I'm currently working on my first DMOD, it is far from finished but I'm interested in what you guys think of it so far. I'll try not to spoil to much about the story but give a main idea on what the DMOD is about and some screenshots.

Dink thinks it is time to leave his aunt and find a place for himself. He has saved enough money from his adventures to buy a house. Ofcourse he can't find Charlie (otherwise he could have bought the house south of his aunt) so he goes to Kirsola. Kirsola is a nice and quiet place where he doesn't need to worry about adventuring so he can focus his mind on getting a house and getting a stable life.

When Dink manages to get a nice house it is the last day of spring. When he wakes up next morning and comes outside he sees the world is covered with snow. Something is terribly wrong. After a while dink finds out that there are 4 fairy's who each control a season, so he starts his real adventure and has to try and save the fairy's and with it the world.

some screenshots:

I'm planning on making the DMOD not only about fighting monsters and searching for items but also throw in some puzzles to keep it interresting.

Since I am a perfectionist and it is going to be a bigger DMOD it will take months for me to finish it so you have to wait a bit for it if you like the idea, I just hope it is worth it. Anyway I would like to hear what you think of it so far if it has potential. At the moment I called the DMOD "Harvest Season" but I do not think it is a good name so that might change if I come up sith something better.