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Well let's tell something about me than!

I only recently discovered Dink, and I love the fact that you can create your own stories. I never scripted or anything but always wanted to try it sometime but didn't know where to start.

Well I found my start, with all great tutorials here it should not be to hard.

Not to hard?!? Well see that is a bit my problem I make it hard for myself. I got a lot of ideas and to put them into working I can't just slightly edit the standard scripts so it won't be that easy either.

The first script I am trying to make I have been puzzling on for 2 hours now and still not working as I want it so my first D-mod probably is ready in 2027. But I am patient so I will get it done. And I can learn from my mistakes. (well after 2 more hours and some help from magicman it works so maybe it will be 2013 instead of 2027 )

Well I can tell a lot more but if you want to know something just ask me.

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2010-08-09 17:00:48
Thanks for the responses so far I'm really planning on finishing this DMOD cause I really like the making of it.

Although I must admit I hate the stupid fairies, and would rather see Dink beating the crap out of them than saving them.

Sorry for that but this DMOD there will probably be no fairy-killing, maybe a next one I make.

Y'know, the problem with Reiner sprites is that everything looks like it is being electrocuted 24/7

I actually don't have used any sprites from Reiner and I don't think I will cause I just don't think they really fit in with the rest of Dink, they are a bit to shiny in my opinion (guess that is what you mean with electrocuted).
I guess you are referring to the cows which I made myself because I didn't find any cow-sprites (discovered the Reiner sprites later). But I admit these cows do not look fantastic either but that is because my drawing skills aren't that good and I made them with paint but at least they are in dink-collors and not so shiny.

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