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May 26th 2010, 09:26 PM
Yes, I figured out what the bench was for. Apparently you need 2 warps for each room/building... I didn't realize last night they only work opneway.

Anyway, I was playing with the editor and so far I got up to cliping & screenmatch OK....

It's pretrty easy so far... not having any real problems except I'm not too clear on how to delete a sprite I dont want on the screen. Like the tutorial used a table and steak that we put on the grass. How do I delete the table if I dont want it there? I have clicked on all sorts of things and can't figure that out. I can pick it ip and move it or change its properties. I think that would be useful to know.

And thanks for explaining what scripts do. I was thinking that might be it. Hopefully they are not too hard, as I'm not very good with that HTML stuff... Anyway, placing rocks, houses and grass on the squares is fun (should I flunk at script writing).