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September 25th 2009, 08:30 AM
Jester Male Australia
You feed the madness, and it feeds on you. 
Update for those who care:

Made some progress, and yes 'some' progress is definitely worth an update for this, since I don't work on it much anymore, mainly because I don't have time, as I have other things to do. I also have to make my LP's for Dink, to keep the people that like those happy, which take up some of the time I probably used to spend Dmodding, but anyway, some progress is better than none right? ... yep, now to the point:

- 7 more map screens completed (9 if you count the 2 incomplete, dull, pieces of crap screens that suck ass, which need more work).
- Now have 421 working scripts, which is a nice update from 415 (also edited first post to say this)
- 1 New spell
- 1 new side quest
- 2 new (not animated) graphics
- 1 new animated graphic
- 1 riddle added into a certain side quest area (designed to rot out your brain and have you screaming like a psychotic pillbug that is totally off it's face)
- Modifcations to intro and storyline, to make them much more interesting and hopefully boredom-free (unless your a n00b, in which case you can suck on the balls of a Peking duck)