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August 12th 2009, 01:24 PM
This walkthrough doesn't give things in the right sequence... it asks the player to kill Jameil way too early on, when you can't possibly have gotten the stats/weapons you need to kill him. I've tried to take on Jameil even later than the point in the walkthrough, but it was next to impossible. I had to finish at least the Pencilhead hideout quest, the portal quest, and the dragon cult quest, before I was even remotely prepared to handle Jameil. (Believe me, I've tried. It's simply not possible to kill Jameil without being at least level 11 and 12+ in all stats.) The way the walkthrough was written, seems to assume that you'll be using cheats to level up your character. Why else would it put Pencilhead's hideout AFTER Jameil? The hideout is way easier, and gives lots of gold and stat boosts that you'll need to prepare to deal with Jameil.