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Could not gather enough skulls tor the fourth Ring (Story 3)

Stone of Balance

March 14th 2008, 03:22 AM
Currently, I am on the plateau located above The hill where the Quicksand and wasps were. I blasted open the graves first before I got to the ring, but was only able to collect a total of two skulls during doing so, provided that my inventory was full after the second. When I got to the ring (the fourth), he asked me for three skulls. So I went back to one of the graves to get one more skull. However, each skull belonging to its specific grave has vanished when I visited its screen!! I guess once you leave the screen, they disappear forever. And, oh, how do you like this?? It was right then that I realized I could have simply used one of my items (e.g. an exta cabage or a raw bonca steak) and rid it by consumption to create room!

The thing is, I saved the game right after I distroyed bursted all the graves open, having no idea that I was going to come across another ring, let alone one that was going to ask for something I could no longer obtain. Is there any hope for me now or not? Meaning, is there an alternative that I could take instead? Perhaps find a hidden skull somwhere?

Thanks for your help!


p.s. By the way, excellent D-Mod! By far, this one is the best one that I have played. Nicely-done new objects (especially the scorpions!) and beautiful storyline. Moderately-simple, yet, beautiful. Good job, Simon Klaebe.
December 7th 2010, 09:01 AM
There is one more hiden grave on the desert near the cowboys town. Nothing lost, if you have red stone you can try to translocate on the cliff