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secrets of parizaya walkthrough trouble

Secret of Parizaya

January 7th 2007, 03:57 PM
Talk to the king. Go through the portal. When you get to the screen with the wizard just keep on talking to him and heíll give you the giant spell. Break that wall to the left down. (donít forget to hit the switch in the northeast!) Make your way around the area, killing all the enemies, and getting stuff. Everything is blocked off. No sweat, just go to the southwest and there are more screens! Yay... after going south into the next area continue east, youíll get to a puzzle. Not very hard. In the next screen use that mini magic thing, then run REALLY FAST, pass the guards in the next section. Kill the dragon, continue south, hit the switch. Go west and up after the puzzle.

The above is whats in the walkthrough. My issue is with the part after the puzzle. I do the puzzle and the screen after it is a room with two guards and two arches. Sound familiar? The screen is not locked until about 3 seconds goes by and then the guards arrest me and throw me in jail. I've tried running REALLY FAST but always get a locked screen as I get to the far edge of the screen. So they throw me in jail. I hit the third post from the left to escape and enter a room with 4 guards thats locked. I let three of them kill each other and pound the last one. The room below this one is cross shaped with a purple area in each corner. No dragon. Nowhere to go but down which brings be back to where the kings portal brings me. What the hell? I really must be missing something. I don't want to say the walkthrough is wrong but I have found many direction flaws in it. So what should I do?

January 7th 2007, 04:04 PM
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In the screen before the hall where those guards capture you in 3 seconds, equip the magic nut (which makes you small and faster). Then, make sure you run in a straight line downwards, without moving to the left or right. You should be able to make it before they see you.
January 7th 2007, 05:47 PM
Thanks. Thats what I've been trying. I guess i'm just not taking the good path. I'll let you know how it works!