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Mom graphics - C01 vs C08

April 4th, 02:59 AM
I was just looking through Dink's graphics folder, and found something that surprised me: there are two copies of the red mom graphics in the folder. One is labelled C01, while the other is labelled C08. C08 appears to be the graphics normally used for a red mom in Dink, while C01 is subtly different. Does anyone know when C01 is used, or why it's still in the graphics folder?
April 4th, 06:06 AM
Peasant He/Him Australia
Doing a quick search through the game's dink.ini, only C08 is loaded there. Another search through original source scripts in the develop folder and it can't find any C01W1 instances (this is looking for any init() script commands to load C01W1 over C08W1) Same result looking just for C01W in the scripts inside the dink/story folder of the HD game.

The shadows on the character in C01 look a little darker in places as if the front wasn't lit as brightly in C01W1 as it was in C08W1. Didn't really check the others to see what variations there were.