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Updated D-Mod: Silence

February 18th, 11:02 AM
King He/Him United States bloop
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megadogV2 has updated his D-Mod Silence to v1.03, nearly nine years since v1.02. Time is a wild, wild ride.

This version includes a number of improvements, like:
  • Collecting gold and choosing not to quit the game after selecting the option to do so no longer make Imogen talk.
  • "Buying a house" section removed: game simply ends at the cliff face.
  • Issue with fireball spell remaining on counter fixed.
  • Altered dialogue to fix some things as mentioned in COTPATD.
  • Issue with intro cut scene not drawing Lilith's possessions fixed.
  • Changed some interactions that implied Imogen could read (she can't).
  • Added interactions for showing Peter and the Librarian Lilith's note (prior to showing it to Micheal).
  • Improved leveling system.
  • Can no longer skip the dialogue for opening the forest.
  • Added a pair of hidden secrets.
I think this D-Mod is worth playing even if you just have a few minutes for the introduction. I still get shivers thinking about it, and I haven't played it for a over nine years now.

February 19th, 03:08 AM
I appreciate you correcting my original estimate of how long ago I released this. Time truly is a wild ride...