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playing "Pointless" on web and it freezes


January 17th, 11:06 PM
I'm trying to play through Pointless because I remember some funny writing in it and wanted to review. I'm playing through on Web and I think there may be a regression introduced from Web for HD Dink.

This is a bad DMOD that has issues that are bugs already but it was playable to completion at one point.

If you follow the guide from :

You go through some screens south of the starting screen until you eventually come to a screen with 3 dragons. The screen is locked and you have to kill the dragons in a specific order to unlock the screen or it will be permanently locked and you'll be stuck.

You have to kill the 2 side dragons and then the middle dragon. This will unlock the screen.

Unfortunately it seems that when the screen is unlocked Dink is just frozen and you cannot interact anymore.

Can some one confirm if this issue happens on a non Web build?

Also this may not even be the DMOD i'm thinking of but I remember a brief scene where dink talks to a character who is border line crazy and talks about dancing in the sugar plumb fields at night with bunnies or something and I think its where I got my username from.