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Play android save game on PC

September 9th 2017, 04:19 AM

I have been playing dink smallwood HD on my Android phone. Is there any way I can use the save game from my phone and continue playing on PC??
September 11th 2017, 04:30 AM
Peasant Male Japan
Yeah, the save .dat file is compatible. You'll have to figure out how to get the file off the phone and into the PC Dink directory though. (should work with any PC version)
September 11th 2017, 11:24 AM
Amazing!! That's great to hear. Yeah il figure out the PC save location and stuff. Thanks for the response
October 18th 2017, 12:53 AM
It really is possible?
October 18th 2017, 04:42 AM
Peasant steam
Sons of liberty 
Let me check out it for you.

I loaded up the dmod quest_for_dorinthia_special_edition first on the mobile.

save file location in android phone android -> data -> com.rtsoft.rtdink -> files -> <dmod name dir> -> save1.dat for slot 1 save

in quest_for_dorinthia_special_edition

it was android -> data -> com.rtsoft.rtdink -> files -> qfd_se -> save1.dat

I hate connecting the phone to my pc so i mailed that save1.dat file to myself and downloaded it on pc and downloaded the dmod as well.

Now the location for dink on windows is different in the beta version

in this case

So i copied the files over there and bam it works fine, the reverse also worked make sure you have a good file manager app in your phone to move the files.

To make sure its truly portable i also copied the following files

quicksave.dat -> for the quicksave

continue_state.dat -> for the continue save where you left off

These work fine as well, good to see the saves are portable.