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how do you crack the servant?

Pilgrim's Quest

September 10th 2011, 06:45 PM
The walkthrough says something about freezing the demon's servant and then throwing things at it, but I don't totally understand. Help?
September 10th 2011, 06:47 PM
Peasant Male Sweden steam
I really can't remember, sorry XD
...but as it's one of the most (if not THE most) played dmods I'm sure somebody will answer you soon.
September 11th 2011, 06:52 AM
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox steam
The Voice in the back of your head! 
just chucking magic or throwing weapons at him should be enough(especially if your agility stat is high)
to freeze IIRC is using one of your companions skills if not dead yet(that is if i have the right guy in mind)
September 11th 2011, 01:53 PM
ok, thank you