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The dragon

Day of the Carcass

January 1st 2010, 04:40 PM
How the hell can you beat the dragon?All shots are useless, the only shot that can hurt is the one that fires 3 different types of arrows in the same time, but it takes so long to recharge, by the time it recharges the dragon blows the whole area in the air....Healp Pl0x!
P.S.Your D-mod is epic!
Oh yeah, and happy New Year all!
January 1st 2010, 04:53 PM
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox
Friendship is magic 
Hmmm I just explained this part in the news thread. Oh well I'll just copy it here.

Here's a bit of a summary for what you should do to defeat the dragon.

The Dragon can only be harmed by an ultimate attack. Nadine's ultimate deals more damage but david's heals the both of you for 100%. You can extenquish the fire dragons with an ice arrow which reduces their defense to 0. Nadine can escape the burning from the boss's fire magic by casting Ice Shield (if you didn't get Ice Shield just yet try looking around a bit more) and David can escape it with Phase Shift. The fire dragons should be your main target if you haven't got the mana for an ultimate. Kill the fire dragons before the boss can cast his ultimate attack. Keep your health up by using David's Drain Life.

BTW If the dragon does manage to cast his ultimate attack just let David Phase shift and cast Ice Shield. Then run through the flames. It'll hurt like hell but it's possible to survive it (that is if you have enough health).
January 2nd 2010, 04:54 AM
thanks, it worked