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World of DinkC

February 14th, 2004
Score : 9.8 exceptional
Peasant Male
well guys this is my first review so dont be too upset if it is crummy and doesent have much detail. But anyway this is about Simeon's D-mod, Its great! defenetly one of the best. I dont have any idea how this guy does what he does.

~storyline~ there isint any other D-mod out there that is as creative as this one, While dink is getting loaded into his next adventure there is an error in the scripting software, great idea it had me hooked from there. Also there wasnt just one goal throughout the D-mod (for example) Dink has to get out of a cave hes been loaded into and there are some problems. Once he gets out its one thing after another. He and his new friends are then taken into a goblin prison. I love variety, in my opinion its one of the things that makes a great d-mod, this one defenetly had it.

~music~ great new music, I get bored with those D-mods where they just take the original Dink music and Slap it into the game. Also if its stuck on like 20 screens so you have to wait forever for new music, World of Dinkc has just the right kind and amount of music. I especially liked track 14

~graphics~ didnt notice anything new but the game was just so entertaining that i wasnt paying attention ( :

~bugs~ i honestly dont even remember any... im sure there were a few but none that i can recall...

~overall~ great game, I was never bored and it kept me busy during all my free time, alot more fun that anything else i could be doing.

GREAT JOB Simeon!!