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True of Life

December 4th, 2001
v1.3 Final
Score : 3.5 tolerable
You don't need Cheat, well at least not Ultimate Cheat.
There is ONE secret, and only one. If you can find it, then Seth is just a piece of cake. I "found" the secret by going to editor and figure it out that way. It's still a cheat, though.
The problem is I expected to find the secret behind the rock which says there is an opening behind it OR in the house where you can't get into. That's why I tried to "edit" it myself.
Once I saw where the secret is, I realized that the guy DID tell you where to find it. The only minor problem is that he did not say it correctly so that you can know what he meant.
This is definitely a dmoding practice for the author. All bonus potions, hearts, and golds should have no hardness.
In short, the whole dmod depends on if you find the secret. The game is either too easy or impossible to beat.