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Quest for Not Quite as Lame (The)

This could be you if you play
October 23rd, 2009
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Netherlands xbox
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This D-Mod is one of the most amusing D-Mods I played in a very long time. It's filled with lots of humour that made me laugh out loud until I crapped, my pants!

Story: The story is interesting but not very deep. It isn't bad but doesn't make you scream in pain until the very moment you know what's going to happen next. The good thing about the story is that it's very funny. It doesn't seem to take itself very seriously making plenty of room for silly cut scenes.

Map: The map is looks quite good and there's plenty of room to walk around in. There are also a couple of funny things lying around so keep your eyes open.

Music: The music fits very well. It really enhances the fun of whatever you're doing.

The story, map and music fit together very well but all of this is just nothing compared to the humour in this D-Mod. It doesn't matter if you're progressing trough the story, walking around the map or pressing a certain button on your keyboard, it's everywhere and funny as hell!

The only bad thing about this D-Mod is that my chair now smells funny...