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Lost Amulet (The)

Treetop Village Dandelion Village
August 24th, 2010
Score : 7.0 good
Peasant He/Him Sweden
I too would like to begin with a little something about the problem that occurs when you try to run the game. Just do as bellow:
1. Select The lost amulet dmod.
2. Go to edit, then Browse Selected Dmod directory.
3. Right click anywhere in the white space and select Properties.
4. In the General categorie, the first option is the name. Change it to thelostamulet.
5. Click ok. It should ask if you want to apply the changes to all folders or just that one. Click just that one. (Or however it words it.)
That should fix it.

The part above was written by pillbug in his review...
Now we are ready for mine, here we go.

"The Lost Amulet" is a D-Mod made by Carrie. Carrie is famous mainly because of her new 2d-graphics and editing of existing ones which all come in rather small D-Mods with some humour and such. I would say this D-Mod is a typical Carrie.

What I liked in this was the graphics, there where both some ordinary carrie ones like the houses, flowers, ewoks and the elf... what you expect when playing one of her D-Mods but also some borrowed ones like the wasp. The best thing however with the graphics was the Dinkzorro, it might look a little static and flat but it really adds something to the game.

Those graphics together with the music created an happy, light-hearted mood which you can recognize throughout the D-Mod. It's beautiful.

It's simply too short. I clocked a playthrough of 2:44:8... And that's minutes, not hours.
The problem is that there's only one variable you have to affect to win, getting the amulet, therefore you can just rush through the map, kill the boss and run back.

The gameplay is lacking excitement and balance; the last boss is too hard with fists or sword but too easy with bombs.

The scripting is actually bellow average, with the exception of RedInk1's casino scripts; of course!

It's way too short, but it's still worth playing, it's fun and... cute? Yeah, that's it; cute.

I can't help wondering how a Quest (or Epic) by Carrie would be like... probably really good.