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Stone Tiles

September 9th, 2013
Score : 6.5 fair
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I've read the other three reviews of this file, and there seem to be mixed opinions about it. Well, these tiles are basically the darkland tiles but with a grey floor rather than blue. DinkDude is right about it not being stone. Though it might be able to pull off being called dirt. Anyways, I don't see a problem with them being tinted version of the darklands. The tilesets look good. I have a few issues with them, but nothing that would remove their entire value.

My issues with these tiles is that the black space is actually entirely black. The darklands version while appearing black, was not entire so. It has little specks of color in it- to me the specks sort of look like stars. The other issue I have with this set is that there are still some edges in the tiles that are blue. I guess the author didn't do a complete job when tinting.

The readme of this file does explain how to implement new tiles, however it does so in a single line with poorly written english. It doesn't credit the author either, but I suppose that's not a huge deal.

My overall thoughts on this would be that if I wanted to use grey tiles I'd use these, despite the issues I have with them.