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Spells & Items Pack

July 4th, 2002
Score : 0.5 horrible
Magic and spells are always one of the most amazing parts of every great medieval RPG games. If you can choose a different main character for the game, mage is usually more challenge but has more fun than a warrior or a knight. I always prefer to use magic in the game, and always hope to get every single magic spell in a game. In the view of magic and spells, Dink Smallwood is subpar to many classical RPG games. So, everytime, if I get a chance to see a new spell used in dmod, I would always be excited. (To me, the coolest magic trick in all dmods up to now is still the frozen magic in POTA.)

Back to this file, although I did not have high expectation from this file, I am still disappointed. There are only 4 item scripts (heal, inferno (I assume), judgement day, and Sword of Sader) and 6 item icons (plus Knowledge and Ice) in this tiny file. Although I did not really run the script in a dmod, from what I saw in the source code, most of them won't work or work poorly.

1. Item-hel: This is probably the most bug-free script, however, it has been used before (not innovative). Basically the main part of this is just a high-gain potion used as a spell instead of an item. &magic_level should be set to 0 in disarm(), too. (Score 1.5/10)

2. Item-ifn: I believe this meant an inferno spell. (The icon said IRFEPRO?) This is basically just the acidrain script or POTA's ice frozen magic. (The author even did not change the command in the script!) As I said earlier, POTA's ice throwing is the coolest magic, but the main trick is on the magic ball's script, dam-ice.c. Here the author did not have any advanced dam-ice script. What you have here is just a copy (I did not check word by word) of acidrain spell! How can you ask for credit if you simply copy Seth's code! (Score 0.0/10)

3. Item-jmd: The best part of this script is that this was indeed written by the author himself. The bad thing is it probably does not work. Defining 8 local variables in use() would easily crash the game if Dink use this magic a few times in one screen! In principle it cast an inferno on a randomly chosen brain monster, and give it 100 hurt. This kind of magic has been used even in the original Dink (by Seth and dragons). It's good to have this for Dink; but the way this script was written, I doubt this can work. (Score 1.0/10)

4. Item-sos: I assume this is some kind of special sword. (Sword of Sader?) Oh, YES! It's so special that you can't even see it! The author did not even bother to modify sword scripts. He simply used fist with all bare-hand Dink graphics. The only difference is that this "item" gives Dink longer range and higher strength. (Score 0.1/10)

5. All icon graphics: Definitely handdraw with some Dink graphics attached. I use Paint to do the graphics, too. But the author should at least make them better. There are 3 different sizes, and none of the size IS the correct size for Dink's icons! Although the sizes of the original Dink's icons varied a little too, this should be easily fixed. Different types of fonts for different icons make them look even worse. (Score 1.5/10)

No any new animation graphics related to the new magic or item. None of the magic has any real new factors in it. Don't bother to download this even though it might not take you any time to do so or occupy any space in your hard drive. I've already sent those files to my trash can... Hmmm, the time I spent in writing this review might be even longer than that the author wrote those files.