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Riot Music

basically a new batch of music from the weird kid. (midi files)
Released:May 5th, 2005
File Size:19.10 KB
Release Notes:25
May 7th, 2005
Score : 9.6 exceptional
You must be doing something right, Josh.

2AM: sort of 'atmospheric', if that's the word. Might be good for caves...
Cheer Squad: up tempo, nice.
Christiaan's Riff: I liked the progenitor of this ("Acoustic" in Chris's pack) as well. I think it was used in CC2 (Chris's version).
Naked Sleepwalker: perhaps the best song in the pack. I definitely plan on using it.
Saintan: dramatic.
B-side: boss music.
Trial by Fire: sort of sad, but with hardcore parts. If I had to put it into an existing dmod, it'd go after the end of the world in PQ.

This is a good collection of midis. It has a very different sound than VGMA or James's pack. I definitely recommend it.