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Random MIDI's

Released:January 31st, 2009
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Release Notes:"Mystery Forest" and "Despair in a minor" are now elongated.
Released:May 4th, 2008
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Release Notes:Initial version.
Released:May 4th, 2008
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Release Notes:I updated the two file, Victory March in G and Mystery Forest.
Here are four random MIDI's that I have created based on my own personal arrangements of pieces that don't required copyright (e.g. Fugue in d minor by J. S. Bach). They were the first few of a bunch of experimental MIDI's that I created from the evaluation version of the sequencer, NoteWorthy Composer (1.75c) after having been referred to it by DinkDude95. These are for anyone creating future D-Mods who may need a few new MIDI's for usage. I hope those who download and use them enjoy them as much I enjoyed creating them.

(*note- there are two pieces that were written for a computer that is now out of print, but I do give full credit to the composer and the company that used the music).

Description of the MIDI's (ALL of which are arranged by me)-
1- [u]Mystery Forest[/u]- ideal for a dark/dangerous/mysterious forest scene. Any scene involving lots of tree's that are bunched together tightly or a sense of mislocation (e.g. when Dink is lost in a forest or in a nightly place) may be suitable for using this MIDI.

2- [u]Fugue in d Minor[/u], written by J. S. Bach- the second half of Bach's famous Toccata and Fugue in d minor medley. Ideal for dungeon scenes or any scenes located in the interior of a castle or castle-like structure (e.g. "The Hall of Heroes" in the D-mod, "Cast Awakening: Initiation", created by Matrice).

3- ****[u]Victory March in G Major[/u], written by Scott LaRocca (copyright © Interplay, 1988-1993)- This piece was written for the computer chess game, Battle Chess (v.93), produced by Interplay. Ideal for D-Mod endings or scenes where Dink is commended or given formal grattitude by the town he saved or by a royal figure (e. g. when Dink saved the town of Kernsin and its annual parade from the mischievous Cast Party in the original Dink game).

4- ****[u]Tension[/u]/[u]Despair in d minor[/u], written by Scott LaRocca (copyright © Interplay, 1988-1993)- This piece was also written for Battle Chess (v. 93). Ideal for any scenes involving nighttime or a scare of any sort. Also suitable for any mysterious forest scenes.

****-Donotes the kind of pieces that don't have an ending

The bass line is now a little more stereoin Victory March, and instead of repeating only two times, it repeats four times (lasting 3:20 instead of the original 1:40). But what's more important, the bass has a stereo sound. It's little details like that that make the difference between metiocrity, good and excellence when it comes to music. At least for me, a music major, it is.

Hopefully, because the bass rings a little bit more now, it sounds a tad-bit more like it was recorded inside King Daniel's castle performance hall. A minor upgrade, but I think it makes a difference.

In Mystery Forest, the music slows down at the end (In musical terms, this specific music embellishment is called a "ritardando". Please be a mature group of people and don't laugh at that!). Again, it's little things like that that make the whole piece different for the better. (I wonder why I didn't catch these things before submitting the original version).