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February 16th, 2010
Score : 0.5 horrible
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SimonK has made a lot of great DMODs, and Graphic packs. This is the worst of his work, and one of the worst DMODs of all time, in my opinion.
I'm guessing the story is Dink randomly decides to do random clitorises out of boredom.
Absolutely disgusting and unpleasing to listen too. Every time you hit clitorises, Dink and or the women moan. I rather like to play this game muted. In this case, it isn't a problem for me because my sound is broken (have to use different speakers).
Mapping and Scripting
The Mapping: Boring and lazily mapped out. I know this is supposed to be a shoot 'em up style game, with a spacey setting, but this goes overboard. The stages are nothing but black screens filled with body parts.
The Scripting: I'm stunned. Being this is SimonK, i thought there would be no errors. I found I was wrong. I'll list my problems with the game:
1: Sperm bounces off everything. Clitorises, other sperms, power-ups, and even nothing!
2: Some clitorises can be very hard to hit. The speed of the clitorises, sperms, and power-ups are never consistent. You can never build up a strategy because everything moves at a different speed all the time.
3: Sperms can be shot, and never appear in front of Dink. Instead they just disappear on the top of the screen and explode for no reason.
4: Loads of lag.
Overall and Final Comments
Overall this DMOD is crap, disgusting, and only fun for about two rounds.