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Potion Bag System

From the readme.txt: I assume you, as either a D-Mod author, or a D-Mod player, are aware that most D-Mods these days use the 'Stackables' system for potions that has been around for a while now. This system is useful for saving on inventory slots. But what I've done, is I've taken this whole system to the next level! You now have a bag used for storing your potions in, along with 4 types of potions in 4 different sizes. It's fairly simple, yet very effective, and it only takes up one inventory slot!

*Best Non D-Mod file of Q1 2010*
Released:September 23rd, 2015
File Size:193.12 KB
Release Notes:- Refined 'H' hotkey so it works better.
- Added 4 new hotkeys (F1 - F4) to manually choose which health elixir to drink.
- Added option (in life editor) to subtract life in lots of 10.
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