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Moa - Female Winged Goddess

Moa in five directions.
These are the graphics for a femal winged goddess. She plays a harp.

She is quite large and I've got her flying in the standard brain 9 directions (1, 3, 7, 9).

There are also a direction 2 - playing of magic harp which you could use for either good (or evil).
Released:February 28th, 2005
File Size:304.71 KB
Release Notes:v1.00
November 28th, 2009
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Sweden steam
SimonKīs Moa - Female Winged Goddess is a wonderful graphics file, a fine example on Simonīs artistic talent. It fly in 4 directions (1,3,7,9) with 12 frames(!) in every direction witch give Moa a very smooth movement. Moa is (of coures)thinly dresses (Hey, Simon K made it).
The file also include a sequence where Moa plays harp, witch can be useful if you use this in your dmod.

The only thing missing is a death sequence, that could also be useful even though it's not necessary.

Moa - Female Winged Goddess is another outstanding graphics-file from Simon.

9 out of 10!