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Japanese Midi Pack

June 9th, 2002
Score : 7.8 good
Peasant Male
Ahh, another Japaneese Midi pack...
I think that all Japaneese midis are great and this one is no exception. The midis in this pack are very well put together and composed. I feel that RPGMinerva has done them very well


I feel that they have been composed excellently and really show how good japaneese midis can really get. I think that they have been timed very well to make it so they have a small download time. These are good midis for D-MODS not only because of the small download time but the quality that has been acheived in the small tracks themselves. Well done to RPGMinerva on this great Japaneese midi pack


I do feel that the small download time is a good feature but also bad, because they are small tracks and none of them can be used in a long travelling part of a D-MOD, which is pretty sad. I think that another bad point is that the midis themselves have not actually been made by RPGMinerva, and have been taken straight from a website. A bad thing about this is there is no link to the resources used. This would have been good to check if they actually are public domain midi compositions


Overall I think that this is a great midi pack and if you want some exciting short bursts of music this is the thing for you.

Total 7.8
Grade B

End comment "Want a good example of good Japaneese midis? Then download this"