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Isle of the Pigs

July 4th, 2002
Score : 0.2 horrible
Peasant Male Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
This 'Isle(s) of the Pigs add-on' adds some isles with pigs to your map.dat. When I downloaded this, I had a feeling that this couldn't be any fun at all - and that's true, I'll explain. Christian (who 'made' this add-on) decided to help all the Dinkers to create an isle with some pigs. So I installed this add-on by placing the mapfile in the dink directory. I started the game and crossed the lands, looking for an isle with pigs...

...and I didn't find it. Ok, then I'll try to find it with DinkEdit. And it wasn't easy to find it here but finally: screen 324! An existing group of three islands is now the habitat of five big pigs and two tiny pigs. I've no idea how to get there in the original game so I teleported to the place with the Ultimate Cheat . The pigs are walking around and that's all they do. You don't seem to be able to kill them so there's really nothing you can do with the pigs except watching them.

Overall: Writing a review about a few pigs on an island in the middle of nowhere is just great . Anyway, you can't get there normally (without cheating) AFAIK, there's nothing to do except looking for some pigs walking around so there's actually nothing good to say about this 'add-on'. It's just like the author (Christian Ducharme) said in the readme: It really was just the result of me being bored for about 10 minutes. And after seeing crap like this, I'm bored too so I'm giving this a bad score .