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Eyeball Enemy

June 24th, 2002
Score : 8.5 good
SimonK has a long history to use body part to form an enemy. Bouncing boobs, and others... I am wondering if SimonK is a doctor or has a medical related job in real life.

Overall, this enemy graphics is good (and in my opinion is even better than bouncing boobs). It has a nice death animation, but it does not have an attack sequence. It was best suited for darker background although it is not too bad if used in light background, either.

The only bad thing about this enemy is that this is not a "normal" enemy. It was not very good to be used as an everyday enemy in normal world. It would be best to have it in a fantasy world (like SOB's last story) or darklandlike area.

It would be even better if Simon makes a few more other body part enemies and make a short dmod with only body part enemies. Or, if you can play as a body part as well, that would be awesome.