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August 25th, 2003
Score : 8.5 good
Peasant Male Australia
This add-on is of interest for those Star Wars fans out there, and for any Sci-Fi DMOD.

It is a green light sabre, with no glow... but honestly glow in 256 graphic mode is nigh on impossible.

There are two swords included which are good: an arming sound and a swish sound. The hit sound is missing and the included script defaults to the standard sword hit sound. This is a shame.

There are instructions as to how to install this add-on which is great and negates the need for this add-on to come in the format of a DMOD. Add-ons are not DMODs, and if the reviewing can't be bothered installing the add-on as instructed, well, that just reflects on the laziness of the reviewer, not the author.

As for the holding drop command, well that is used in the original Sword items scripts and if you want to know why, read Ted Shutes revised DinkC.txt. Sheesh, must every file have every little detail explained?!!

Overall 8.5 out 10, well done