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Dink's Short Adventure

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Released:May 3rd, 2003
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Release Notes:Demo
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March 6th, 2010
Score : 0.0 horrible
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This is another review of a terrible DMOD. This one is a DMOD by a ghost called Jeremy Moore.
Dink has to fight a bonca.
There is absolutely no music here. I'm guessing since this is Jeremy's first DMOD, he knew nothing about importing sound. Same goes to the title screen.
Mapping and Scripting
The Mapping: The maps here are completely uninteresting, and have no detail. You start out in a clearing, and next, your in a cave with the bonca. There are some very bad hardness errors here. If you choose to skip the tutorial, you will be stuck in the first part of the cave. If you go through the tutorial, you can fight the bonca.
The Scripting: The error I mentioned above in my Mapping section might have had to do with the scripting. This is the error here:

//This script is attached to an inanimate object in the room.
void main(void)
{ //first time entry into game
freeze(1); sp_dir(1,8);
say_stop_xy("`!Welcome to Keepers Short Adventure.", 10, 370);
say_stop_xy("`!We are going to begin with a Tutorial.", 10, 370);
say_stop_xy("`!You may skip the tutorial if you wish..", 10, 370);
say_stop_xy("Do this by walking to the left. I will meet you there.", 20, 380);

Since the choices do not do anything, selecting Yes will proceed with the tutorial, but also selecting No will also do the tutorial, but throw you into the dungeon. When you are fighting the bonca, he has no script attached, so, you can't beat the bonca. You can however, skip this battle, because there is no screenlock. When you go upstairs, you are on an island and nothing else happens.
Replay value
Changed the name of this section because I said so. About the game though, there is nothing to say here.
Overall and Final Comments
There is really not much to say about this game, because there is no story, and no challenge. So overall this could be worse than ABCdefg...