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Sadly, the wheel's desire to conquer man kind was crushed that day, when it unwittingly ran into a pile of Debris.  And so ended the threat of The Wheel, and the world slept forever more.
March 1st, 2010
Score : 9.0 exceptional
Peasant Male Greece
Now, note that im very serious with the rating.

Let us begin with an 10

They are awesome. Not only im using them on my D-mod, but im also suggesting people to use them too. I really like the way theyve been made and how they can be used. I used them in supremative in the earthquaked village.

Here comes the big decreasement.

There is no INI file. INI file lets noobiez like me to put the graphics with releatively ease. this cuts 1 of the overall score. Im sorry Simon K. but these graphics are useless without an INI file. So im decreasing the score a lot.

Im sad to give this mark, because you lost the 9.9 and because i know you can and would make this INI file.