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January 25th, 2002
Score : 7.0 good
I can't say if this one is better or DinkC.txt is better. Both are NOT well-organized. It seems Christiaan did spend quite some time in writing down how he learned to make a dmod. You can sort of following all the way thru what he said and get some good ideas about making dmod for the first time.

I did appreciate his effort to make easier for people who have some difficulties in understanding DinkC.txt file. But in the end, this txt file falls into the same situation that DinkC.txt is in.

In short, you can read this text file and get something out of it if you cannot read through DinkC.txt, but in order to really write bugless scripts, I would suggest people to download DinkC Help Revision 2 (by Robert Fogt) instead.