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D-Mod.diz Editor

Main window of D-Mod .diz Editor
March 7th, 2002
Score : 8.0 good
Peasant Male Netherlands
Any fool can use a computer. Many do. 
This freeware Dmod.diz creator program can be used to create a dmod.diz file. It's a very easy to use program, you can enter the data and the program creates a dmod.diz file at the location where you want it to be. Each place where you can enter something has a small text to let the user know what to type there. The program has 4 buttons: Test, Open, Save and Exit. You can use the button Test to see how the descriptionfile looks before you save it, Open, Save and Exit don't really need an explanation. The buttons Open and Save can open/save a dmod.diz anywhere on your computer. There aren't unsupported characters, you can also use the ASCII codes (Alt key) - AFAIK.

Overall: It's a good program for creating dmod.diz files, it's easy to use and it also doesn't create an extra file to construct the dmod.diz file (like Problematic Dink Diz Pro).