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An unfinished D-Mod that was looking to be the funniest in a long time.

*Best download of july 2000*
Released:July 27th, 2001
File Size:412.93 KB
Release Notes:v0.50
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June 9th, 2002
Score : 4.0 tolerable
Peasant Male Australia
This Demo is not that good. It has a fatal bug which freezes the game when talking to Lydia in the Smithsonian Museum. I've only played this DMOD once, and when it crashed I couldn't be bothered playing it again.

It's pluses were - the humour. It's eccentric and out there. Puts a smile on your face at times.
New font - it's not often someone bothers with this and it made a nice change.

Other aspects:
New graphics - very basic, no true walking in the standard four directions. The pig seems to alternate between a bizarre hop and just plain old sliding. I find this annoying. Hell the pig walking graphics are already done, so I don't know why the pig has to slide to go somewheres.
Map - the map work is very basic. No attempt at blending, sometimes no detail at all
Sounds - no real new sounds and there is plenty of opportunity for them. A lot of these spots are used by <TEXT>.
The intro was waaaayyyyyy tooooooo loooongggg. And ultimately boring. Because of this I stopped playing after the fatal bug.

I don't mind the odd bug in a dmod, even the odd fatal one, as long as there are other things in the DMOD that keep me playing. Heck even LOT had a few freeze/fatal bugs in some of the conversations - but there wasn't enough of the other enticements in a DMOD for me to start up again. Graphics are basic, Map is basic, sound is basic. So overall, 4.0