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Cloud Castle

CC_aReason CC_nieghbors Dink lives on clouds
June 25th, 2002
Score : 7.6 good
Peasant Male Australia
An interesting DMOD. Quite well done for most of it - once you figure out what to do next. (Hint read the books a number of times!). A quest with humour.

Graphics - nothing new, although the Ghost Knight makes an appearance - at least according to the end credits. (I didn't find it) Score 7.5

Music - Generally unobtrusive which is good, but nothing that really helped set the mood. Score 8.0

Mapping - Very good most of the time, with attention to detail which is nice. Some small hardness errors and the little doors in the rooms looked funny. Score 8.0

Story/Plot - overall a nice plot, but it's execution is where it falls down. Too unclear as to what to do. I eventually had to go thru scripts and maps as I got severly bored walking around looking for what I had to do next. As for the end boss thing. Mildly inventive, but I'd seen spawning badies and enemy shooting magic stuff before - heck I saw them in SOB. Score: 6.5 ('cause I had to go to scripts/map edit)

Gameplay: Very hard at first - just go and fight the ordinary monsters to level up, couldn't find many secrets to help with that. Talking to people... most talk back although eventually their answers don't progress which is annoying. Score 7.0

Bonus: The humour. Definetely a plus. Score 9 out of 10 here.

Total: 7.6